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The LifeWave patches have more than once saved my life.
Seven years ago I found out that I had very rare RA
Just a few weeks after having been told this shocking news was I involved in a car crash that tore my stomach and my oesophagus apart and it also broke ribs and my neck injured my brain with two brain aneurysms.
I went for four years without getting my stomach and oesophagus fixed because no one could find what was wrong with me and when they finally found out what was wrong with me I was nearly dead.
I was just waiting for the time to die.
I believe in God in heaven and I knew that I was going home so I was OK with that.
I was told that I needed to pay 50.000 dollars for surgery.
We did not have this amount of money because the lady that crashed into us was in a borrowed car with no insurance and had no drivers license as well as a warrant out for her arrest.
We were very well insured our self and this paid many medical bills but not the surgery and also not our day to day living expenses.
I normally would be able to earn good money doing what I do but due to the accident I couldn’t work much.
Then to make things worse my husband lost his job.
For two years and despite being critically ill was I forced to make our living and in all that time I couldn’t get the urgent life-saving surgery performed due to lacking the money.
My health got worse and worse and it looked like I was near the end.
Then one night a friend of mine called me.
She knows that I am a Prophet of God and I get a lot of really good information from him and that this information is always accurate.
For fun she said. "would you want to give me some lottery numbers and if I win I will give you half of the winnings". So I just gave her six numbers and then I laid down and I said God I’m ready to go now because we do not have the money for surgery.
Michel that night this friend of mine with my numbers won five out of six numbers and my share of that money was $50,000.
This was the very amount that I needed to go to a hospital in Oxford Mississippi and have my very rare surgery finally done.
But there were many other issues that I still had with my RA as well.
My pain was horrible 24/7.
I don't like pain killers because I'm always afraid of becoming an addict to drugs so I would take three small tablets each day just to keep me from dying of pain .
For over 50 years I have counselled people who count on me.
I couldn’t leave them as God sent them to me.
So I kept working as best as I could.
Then one day one of my clients from years ago got in touch with me and said she wanted a reading from me.
I'm not a psychic but I knew that she wanted to sell me something because that was the only time I would ever hear from her.
So I told her I would read her and sure enough she wanted to sell me something and that was LifeWave.
I told her that I could not do a multi level with the work that I was doing because it was a conflict of interest.
She said well may I send you three X39 patches and let you see for yourself what they do.
I said sure I will try them and Michel those three patches changed my life overnight.
OH my God. I have to buy and promote these patches .
Then it was my husband that got on the phone and called LifeWave.
He wanted our order send right away.
After the patch order was send express he started calling people because he had seen what already happened to me in a matter of just days.
Shortly after I started using the LifeWave patches people that I work noticed the change.
Every one of them wanted to buy patches.
So it was then that me and my husband decided that we would grow the business world wide and help as many people as possible deal with their pain.
We absolutely wanted to be a part of LifeWave.
But the story with me never ends.
December 2020 I fell and broke a bone in both knees.
The patches fixed it.
Then A Glue gun blew up in both my hand and hot glue went every where.
My husband quickly patched me and pain was gone and two day latter no sign of any burn.
A knife fell of the counter and cut trough my foot hitting an arteries and blood squirted like a fountain.
I screamed at my husband for help and he patched me .
The blood stopped.
The knife broke the bone in my foot and cut the arteries.
I never saw a doctor.
Also my husband has his LifeWave stories and so do our clients.
At 75 years of age has LifeWave given me a brand new beginning.
LifeWave is the real deal and I’ve never ever run across the real deal.
For the first time in seven years I spent a weekend sitting outside.
I am so happy and talk and giggle all the time. I didn’t before because I couldn’t because my lung performance was at 20% and now that I use patches OMG I can breath.
I also no longer have to take my sleeping tablets.
By now I think we’ve ordered and used just about every patch there is and each day you can see me getting better.
I already look 20 years younger than I did not long ago.
I still walk with a cane but I'm getting better every day with less and less pain.
LifeWave patches are truly magic.
LifeWave is a product that deserves to go far and wide and I will help them do so.

Personal experience from Ariana Dewing, Ballet Dancer:
“I’ve been using X39 Stem Cell patches for 3 months now & not only am I fully back to dancing and teaching many hours a day without pain, (thank you God!!) but I’m healing from something I was told I could never heal from without extreme surgery. This miracle patch is called X39 and it heals your body - no matter the age - through repair of your own stemcells.
After one week of using X39 I was able to start walking painfree .
After one month of X39 I was rehearsing 5 hours a day & performing again!
Not only am I getting incredible results from my alarming diagnosis last year of osteoarthritis, lack of cartilage, torn ligaments & dislocation, but many people I know who have tried it are getting incredible results. My husband had been able to sleep better, & my grandfather was told he needs knee surgery and after just a few weeks on X39, he is pain free and even experiencing more flexibility!
When im passionate about something I need to know everything about it so don’t mind me as I go on and on but I also LOVE how affordable they are compared to all other stem cell therapies. Lastly there is no health risk with this form of stem cells, unlike the injections that come with a 30% chance your body will reject the stem cells."
What are you passionate about?
A dog testimony. I have a great dane/lab, 6 years old, service dog. He did something to his hind end, hips, knees, back, not sure; but he stopped jumping up to the bed at night with us. And would yelp, he NEVER shows pain. I started putting on the Aculife patches on his hips at night and the X39 during the day. After day two, he is getting back on the bed and is very happy, not yelping at all. He comes wagging his tail and kissing me when I get out the patches. He is asking to be patched. Amazing to see these work on a creature that isn't skeptical or non skeptical and has no judgement.
My own older sister who will be 70 in a couple of months is after 12 years of trying to get her to use Lifewave patches now a X39 convert.
She so far has used X39 for close to 12 months.
She has had problems breathing since age 4 when she was found drinking kerosene. Luckily an Uncle saw her, they rushed her to the hospital immediately and pumped it out or whatever, but it left her with frequent breathing problems
I gave her a heap of different patches on several occasions starting many years ago when I joined Lifewave as a distributor.
She never used any of them in all those years.
Anyway a year ago i handed her some X39 patches and she surprisingly started trying X39.
Her breathing problem all gone, coughed up ugly black stuff for a few months.
She could not believe it, her itchy skin on one side of her face also gone.
Surprisingly she by now also lost 20 kg's, (44 Pounds)
No more pain in her hips and legs even in the cold of winter when it gets icy cold.
Her hair dresser tells her that her hair is growing back RED.
And she had other great results as well.
I am of course very happy for her but she has been a lifelong believer in politicians & doctors and their drugs, a blind believer.
So far my sister has not told anyone else about her results yet.......... WOW, hard to comprehend.
Testimonial by David.

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