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About me

I am Susanne Preisler, I have been a Lifewave distributor since 2011.
I have been interested in health, body and mind since 2004, where I became a EFT therapist, healer and lifecoach                                        Coach Susanne Preisler

During my time with Lifewave I have learned a lot more about the health, nutrions, food, vitamines, antioxidants, infrared lights, science within the field and much more, which  is mostly thanks to our CEO and inventor David Schmidt. He is teaching us every month about the patches, nes science etc.  and he has the ability to explain complicated things in an understandable way for us "normal" people.

I love to be in this business, because I can help people to get a better lifequality with a better and younger heallth and to earn money as well.
You can work from home as I have done a lot, especially during lockdown, this has been an amazing business. 
The patches really enhance your lifequality, more energy, better sleep, better looks (skin), less or no pain, organs that functions well, strong muscles, a good heart and a healthy funcctioning brain, you name it.
If you want to join the movement and help people to get these patented patches, don´t hesitate to contact me and let´s have a chat.package
You can also become a member by buying a startpackage for instance a GOLD or a DIAMOND on the link here. Click "JOIN" and use the ID 771372.

I will look forward to guide you with the patches and/or the business. It will be awesome. 

Thank you.