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I started my working life in the travel industry, where I was for many years, and I loved it. There were always happy customers and colleagues, as well as new experiences every day. 

Then I had a retail store and after I got kids, I became an office assistant. After my second divorce, I took an education as a stress coach because I am interested in people and health, and I really enjoyed that as well. Then came the economic crisis and the customers and the companies and my finances were of course also hit. And as a single mother I struggled to pay my bills, and had to take extra jobs to make it financially.
It caused stress and even less time with my children. I couldn't offer them what I wanted most; my time. So I looked for another income.

In 2012 I was invited to an information meeting via Facebook. It was about network marketing and I immediately fell in love with the business model, the good mood and the unique products. I met ordinary people like myself, who could make a living part-time! I met, among other things, a lady who could live off full time after only four months.
So I thought if they could, I could do the same.
My income is increasing all the time and now I earn more than I did on my two jobs together.
The best part is that I can work from home and at the same time I don't have to worry about the bills.
I love that I can decide when, where and how much i want to work. I love to meet new people, and I love to coach my team for a healthier body and mind and a better economy.
Coach Susanne Preisler

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